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Offset Printing and High Volume Mail, Transpromo Printing


The board reviewed the activities of the Díjbeszedő Holding’s subsidiaries and decided to create a more rational company structure in order to be able to accommodate better to the needs of our customers. According to this decision the so called “paper based” division is going to be concentrated in one single company, which is Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt. from 31st December, 2010 the Printing and Lettershop, which is responsible for the production of personalized consignments and sales of offset products and what is now a division of Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt. with all of its assets and other resources is going to be transferred to Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt. From this point FOLD-R Zrt. – wholly-owned subsidiary of Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt. – will merge with Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt.

In accordance with these actions, the resources of the “paper based” industry will be vested in Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt. From the blank paper to the complete production of the personalized consignments – including high level IT service as well – Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt is at your disposal with full commitment.

The concentration of the resources only brings change into the corporate structure; the place of fulfillment, the leadership and the contact persons involved in the production remain the same, no other changes will occur.

       Click here to view our reference film which will guide you through the process of producing consignments.

Who is this service for?

If yours is a business that has a large number of retail customers and you regularly maintain contact with them by mail and therefore you need to produce a large number of personalised mail items or other personalised printed matter, this service is for you, as the rapid, accurate and swift management of such business correspondence requires a large organization, special equipment and know-how.


The  Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt. performs the whole process of production from white paper to personalized mail at a single location. The impeccable quality of production is guaranteed by rapid, flexible and customer friendly administration, almost twenty years of experience in the industry as well as by an integrated quality management system certified and audited under ISO 9001, ISO IEC 27001 and ISO 14001.


  • large service providers that outsource their fee collection and invoicing services (municipal, telecommunications, Internet and cable TV providers)

  • government and social organizations maintaining relations by corresponding with their clients

  • financial institutions (banks and insurers)

  • other commercial companies engaged in direct mail sales

  • advertising agencies

What we offer

We offer to produce invoice letters, as well as customer and other DM mail with B/W and colour personalisation, enveloping and posting. 

If you so require, we will perform cutting, folding, enveloping, special binding solutions, packaging, arrangement for posting, warehousing, shipping and posting components separately.

Once finished, mail items will be shipped to the post office pick-up point, you select.

Díjbeszedő Nyomda Zrt. has become one of the largest operations boosting with the biggest production capacity of personalised items in Hungary. Our monthly average output of personalised mail is 9-10 million items including 12-14 million printed sheets. Since 1996 we have produced more than 1 billion postal orders for cash transfer.

The protection of the client data and the full integrity of the consignments is a must. This is the reason for the development of our Audit system which is responsible for the monitoring of the complete production process of the consignments. In order to secure the full integrity of the consignments we print a 2D barcode on each page of the print flow and the barcode readers installed on every machine read the codes to compare the physical output with the input database.

The development of our Audit- and the Production Supporting systems was supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

How we work

We produce everything from white paper to enveloped mail at a single location which ensures that our services are swift, tailor made and multi-faceted, that we do our job efficiently and last but not least that we charge favourable prices.

All you have to do is provide us with a layout and a database required for personalisation by electronic means and leave the rest to us!

If you do business with us, you will have access to a highly capitalised and secure corporate base, modern machinery, a company licensed to produce checks by the Hungarian Post Office, special IT skills and know how as well as permanent, highly trained and experienced staff.

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